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Education in Eurasia

The students who attend the main campus are able to obtain the equivalent of a bachelors degree with a concentration in  Theology, Missions, Social Work or Business as Mission (BAM). All students begin with a General Education curriculum giving them a solid biblical and theological background to prepare them for their concentration. This education is a key step in preparing them to become missionaries, social workers, pastors, church leaders, and teachers within their native countries.

After 20+ years of graduating students, we have seen an amazing number continue to work in ministry.  A large percentage are serving in their field of study.  Many have become pastors, missionaries, church planters, teachers or social workers.  Many others are involved in lay ministry or are influencing people through the platforms they possess in their communities.  To learn more about our students see some of our student stories.


Theology students are mainly local students. In this program the students take more in depth Theology courses as well as courses to prepare them in church development, pastoral care, and Biblical languages. 

Students with this degree hope to become Pastors and church leaders in their local church. 

Students have internships each year to help prepare them for life in the church and for outreach. 

2019 Summer04.jpg

Pictured are attendees of a summer camp held in Eurasia.  Many opportunities exist for students to serve in a variety of different settings.


The missions concentration is a program where students are prepared to work specifically within a persecuted context. 

Students are prepared with courses teaching them about witnessing and how to best serve people throughout all of Eurasia.  They are taught apologetics. They learn Biblical languages as well as theology. They are also prepared for life as a Christian within a persecuted country with ways to best minister and plant churches within that context. 

Students have internships during their time of study which prepares them for ministry and outreach. They are also encouraged to go on mission trips to get valuable hands on experience. 

Social Work

The Social Work program prepares students to be social workers all throughout Eurasia.

​Social work within Eurasia has both similarities and differences from the Western World.

Students are educated about a wide variety of things to prepare them to help those in all areas of need within their home countries. They are trained to assist the elderly, adults, children, the terminally ill, the mentally and physically disabled, orphans, alcoholics, etc.  Currently there is an increased emphasis on meeting the needs of refugees as well as individuals who are at risk or have fallen victim to human trafficking.

Students take part in internships to gain valuable experience and to learn how to best share God's love with others.

A Masters level counseling program also exists along with an on-campus counseling center that offers practical experience while also providing a valuable service.

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