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Financial Summary


Your support of Keys Ministries is vital to advance the continued growth of our mission and goals.  Keys is committed to ensuring that all donations are processed accurately and that all funds are spent wisely so the maximum ministry benefit is achieved. 
The numbers below offer a general overview of income for the years 2018-2020 as well as how donations were allocated. 

Total donations and other income (2018-2020):  $1,645,000

Total funds expended (2018-2020):  $1,578,052

Below is a percentage breakdown of donations that were received in 2018-20 and a brief description of how they were allocated. 

Click here for a more complete description of these categories.

Note: Effective January 1, 2021, 3% of each donation will be applied towards the administrative expenses that are essential to carry out this ministry work.  

Central Asia Program Support:  43.2%

*  These designated gifts are used to fund essential programs which educate and equip students from Eurasia. 


Missionary Support:  40.1%
*  99.4% of these donations went directly to the missionary through payment of salary and reimbursable expenses.  

*  0.6% of these donations were used to assist with administrative expenses incurred by Keys. 


Project Support:  9.8%

*  These donations were designated toward Keys' approved projects.

General Ministry Support:  6.9%

*  These donations were given to assist with essential operational expenses. 


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