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Our Main Focus

Keys Ministries raises prayer and financial support for the student program that is impacting many from throughout Eurasia.  Many of our students come from some of the poorest countries across Eurasia and many of them come from countries where religious persecution is severe.  Thanks to our scholarship program these students are able to enroll in the Theology, Missions, Social Work, or Business as Mission (BAM) programs. Over the years, the student body has more than 35 different nationalities from more than a dozen different countries.  It is truly a diverse campus! 

The graduates have gone on to serve in many countries around the world with a special emphasis in Central Asia.  ​The University of Divine Grace (UDG), in Moldova, has received full-accreditation from the Euro-Asian Accrediting Association (EAAA) of Theological Schools in countries of the former Soviet Union.  Keys Ministries exists to channel resources for the University and it's extension schools.  Our desire is to produce students who are equipped for ministry in places where they are able to best overcome barriers including language, culture and religious background.   

Keys also serves as a sending organization for several missionaries who share our vision for Eurasia. 

The Keys Connections Logo: 
The "swirling infinity symbol":  Our mission is sustainable and ongoing. The love and hope, of Jesus, is being shared. Discipleship and training are being done with the church/ministry leaders of tomorrow. When a life is transformed by the Gospel the impact lasts for all of eternity!

The "key" serves as the bridge: Keys connects Christians, in the USA, to expanding missions work (mostly in Eurasia). Keys also aims to connect missionaries with resources, churches and other strategic para-church organizations and individuals. Ultimately it is all about connecting people with Jesus!


A History of Keys

During the days of the Soviet Union we, in the West, were severely limited in being able to minister to our brothers and sisters in Eurasia, held behind the "Iron Curtain." We prayed for God to help them, but had very little knowledge of their day-to-day situation. Now we can work together.

A door has been opened to us. In 1998, Dr. Joseph Tson (an Evangelist/Bible Teacher) from Romania requested Keys Ministries to consider partnering with a Eurasian Seminary to

provide Biblical training for individuals in the former Soviet Union. This new school was already ministering within its country and Joseph envisioned it to grow and provide theological training for students from all across Eurasia, where such opportunity was not available. The school had the people and the place that could be expanded if partners were willing to provide funding and specialized resources to develop the vision.

Palmer Long a founder of Keys Ministries and a friend of Dr. Joseph Tson combined visions and began to work with the local believers. The school began in 1995 with 14 full and
part time students. The school, in Moldova, has grown to university status with expanded educational programs and student practicum opportunities.  Thanks to increasing partnerships there are now more than 1,500 graduates. Enrollment has reached approximately 200 students with many more attending nearly a dozen satellite locations. The original vision continues to expand in many exciting ways! 

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