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Our mission is to advance the Gospel by equipping and empowering 'Jesus followers' in Eastern Europe & Central Asia. Our primary training ground is the University of Divine Grace (UDG) in Moldova where students study the Bible, missions, social work, counseling and business-related subjects. 

Here is how your monthly gift makes a difference!

$30/month donation sponsors the teaching of one 90-minute class each week on UDG’s main campus


$35/month donation (provides a used laptop for a student, ensuring they have a critical tool needed to maximize their learning experience. 


$40/month donation provides a used laptop for a student and other necessary classroom supplies


$55/month donation provides accommodations for a foreign student living on UDG’s campus for the academic year

$65/month donation ($3/day) will provide a daily hot meal for a student living on UDG’s campus


$100/month donation supports a UDG professor who is pursuing a PhD degree


Your one-time gift makes this impact!


$25 one-time gift provides two books for UDG’s library bolstering this vital resource for students


$45 one-time gift covers the medical expenses of a UDG student from Central Asia, ensuring their health and well-being through their academic journey


$100 one-time gift provides for expenses so that a UDG student team can serve in both church and social ministry settings


$150 one-time gift covers the cost of documents needed for a foreign student to live in Moldova for three years as they attend classes at UDG


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