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Serving Together

In recent years, our ministry partnerships have strengthened and grown with the continued focus of serving the people of Eurasia.  Updates are available in through current newsletters and ministry flyers.

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The Keys Connections Logo: 

The "swirling infinity symbol":  Our mission is sustainable and ongoing. The love and hope, of Jesus, is being shared.  Discipleship and training are being done with the church/ministry leaders of tomorrow.  When a life is transformed by the Gospel the impact lasts for all of eternity!

The "key" serves as the bridge:  Keys connects Christians, in the USA, to expanding missions work (mostly in Eurasia).  Keys also aims to connect missionaries with resources, churches and other strategic para-church organizations and individuals.  Ultimately it is all about connecting people with Jesus!


What We Do

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Our Mission
Keys Ministries exists to equip and empower followers of Jesus Christ throughout Eurasia and beyond, through missionary partnerships which emphasize the training and discipleship of nationals.


Our Focus
Our focus is furthering the kingdom of God by providing theological education to nationals from countries where persecution exists.  We help support a university in Moldova as well as several satellite schools dispersed throughout Eurasia. These schools give the opportunity for nationals who have come to Christ to continue serving Him with the Biblical knowledge and theological education necessary to better spread the Good News. 

Persecution "Watch List"

Thank you to Open Doors USA for providing this watch list.  The world "Watch List" represents the 50 countries where known persecution of Christians is most intense.

Please join us in praying for the people of these countries and specifically pray for Keys Ministries' partners who are working to advance a message of hope in areas that are included on the "Watch List". 


You may notice that many of the details on this website are very broad, very general, and leave you with many questions. If you look to the right you'll see the persecution watch list. Many of these countries are within Eurasia and many of the students we support put their lives and safety on the line by devoting their life to Christ. For their safety we must be careful with what information is on the Internet. 

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