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With students getting back into the classroom this month, we’d like to introduce you to a region of the world being impacted heavily by Keys Ministries. Currently we help to educate 20 full-time students from Uzbekistan. These students will soon return to their country to work as missionaries, pastors, business leaders and social workers. The need is great!

Here are a few facts about Uzbekistan:

  • Population: Approximately 30 million

  • Religion: Over 90% of the people are Muslim. Christians account for less than 0.5%.

  • It is believed that Job, of the Old Testament, lived in this region.

  • Many areas have little or no access to electricity and gas.

  • The country experiences a tremendous need for water. Church leaders have told us that while there is much fighting over water, they hope to find ways to share water in order to set an example for others.

  • Uzbekistan currently ranks 15th on the Open Doors World Watch List (countries where persecution of Christ-followers is heaviest).

  • According to Uzbek law, sharing Christianity is considered equivalent to terrorism (source: Mission Eurasia). Proselytizing is often punished severely by the government and/or community leaders (i.e. fines, imprisonment, beatings, etc.).

  • Churches are forced to register with the government.

  • Despite many negative forces, Christianity is GROWING!!

  • How to pray for Uzbekistan (requests from a church leader): 1) Pray for boldness and courage. 2) Pray for development of home churches. 3) Pray for development of the country's economy (through Christian businessmen)

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