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Saved From Traffic

As I was growing up, my only connection to the word "traffic" involved staying away from it so I didn't get hit by a car. I remember my parents holding my hand when necessary and reminding me over and over to look both ways before crossing the street. I am so thankful that I was taught that lesson!

The danger of "traffic" goes way beyond the vehicles we see moving along busy roadways. The less visible but hugely dangerous matter of "human trafficking" impacts millions of people all around the world. This modern-day slavery has become one of the fastest growing criminal industries in the world.

Keys Ministries' partners are working in areas where human trafficking is a major issue. Please take a moment to read this woman's true story of survival:

"I was born in Moldova. When I was 20 years old I was offered an opportunity to work in Turkey. I took the offer as I had no money but dreamed of, one day, going to college and getting married. When I arrived I was grabbed by people I didn't know. They pushed me into the car and took me away to a mountain location. What happened to me there I cannot remember without tears and horror. These people beat me, took away my documents, locked me in a room and in the evening they raped me. Every day they would make me carry stones and sand. I wondered how people could be so cruel. Nothing would stop them... neither my tears nor my pleas for mercy.

Two years later police found and freed us and I was sent back to Moldova. This didn't make me feel any better. My family and the people of the village forced me to leave my home because of shame and contempt. Then I went to a center where I was sincerely loved, accepted and cared for. I finished cooking courses and I started working. It is impossible to forget what I have been through, but I am praying that God will help me to receive freedom in my heart from offense, hatred and from bitter memories..."

The center this woman refers to is operated by a number of our ministry partners. I am so thankful that they are offering hope to victims of this terrible tragedy. (Pictured are some craft items made by human trafficking victims in Moldova.)

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