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New Thinking "Inside the box"!

Some of the best new ideas and creative solutions are developed when people take a moment to "think outside the box". Pausing to look at problems and goals in a fresh and different way can lead to some pretty exciting outcomes. However, in at least one instance it is definitely best to think about what is "inside the box".

The Operation Christmas Child project of Samaritan's Purse works year round to distribute shoeboxes to needy children around the world. Those boxes are filled with toys and hygiene items in addition to the Good News of Jesus Christ. Samaritan's Purse recently released a report about the impact those boxes are having around the world. One of the countries included in the report is Moldova, a small nation where Keys has many partners. More than one million children in Moldova have received these shoeboxes throughout the past 20 years.

An area pastor, named Andrei, told Samaritan's Purse that these small gifts are opening many doors. He added that local churches in Moldova are handing out Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes in public schools. Pastor Andrei went on to recall how children praised Lenin's name when he was a child in school. Now, he says, "at school, children praise the Name of the Lord. This is the beginning of a new church.".

We, at Keys MInistries, thank the thousands of Operation Christmas Child volunteers and donors! To pack a shoebox may seem like a small project, but your effort and generosity is impacting many people all around the world, including in the small former Soviet republic of Moldova... a place which is very special to the work which we do!

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