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Student Story of Thanksgiving - Tajikistan

My family just finished celebrating Thanksgiving. Of course it involved a good time with family and plenty of food! I did pause to thank God for the many blessings He has given to me. I also recalled a story that reminded me that those blessings come in many different ways.

A young man, approximately 20 years old, from Tajikistan recently told me about an amazing turn around in his life. He comes from the capital city of Tajikistan and hopes to return soon to serve the people there. Here is his story:

I was born into a secular family. My father was an alcoholic. In 2003 my parents accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. I also realized that I needed Jesus when I was in 8th grade. I began going to church but soon learned the cost of following Jesus.

Three months after I accepted Christ, a classmate asked me what my religion was. I told him I was a Christian. After that my classmates treated me very differently. They threatened me and even held a knife to my throat. They told me to denounce Christ and to join their religion. I was afraid but I am glad that I did not deny Christ.

This young man went on to tell me that he was thankful to have the opportunity to testify to what following Jesus has done in his life! He is currently involved in short-term mission projects and is studying so he can be involved in evangelism in his home country.

As for me, my desire is to also be thankful for each opportunity to tell of what God has done in my life... even when it may be difficult. I thank my friend from Tajikistan for the reminder.

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