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Access Granted!

"And the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us." (John 1:14)

In most situations it is nearly impossible to approach and have access to a movie star, sports hero, popular musician or other celebrity... unless, of course, you have the proper credentials. I've had the opportunity to acquire quite a few media passes through the years... granting me access to events such as the MLB World Series, PSU Football, Creation Music Festival, etc. Without that pass my access to the famous would have been denied. Even with a pass you still might not gain access if the star opts to make themselves unavailable. Having said that, there are also definitely moments when celebrity stars are stuck in situations when they have to grant access but would rather not. When I was in college, I covered a 76ers vs. Hornets basketball game. One of the players was on a training table, in the locker room, after the game icing his knees. I think he wanted to slip away from the media but he was stuck on the table. I remember watching a reporter ask him multiple questions and he had no choice but to lay there and answer the questions. He probably wanted to escape but couldn't.

With limited celebrity access in mind... it is amazing to consider that the God of the universe deliberately chose to give us access to Himself through Jesus Christ! What an incredible picture of love and humility! In John 1, we see that creation, life and light all originate from Jesus... the one who "became flesh and made his dwelling among us." (verse 14). Let's take a moment to celebrate that Jesus alone provides the access we desperately need to God the Father. And then let's take the next step of making Him known to others. That is the heart of missions! - Don Casteline, Executive Director


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