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A Day of Prayer

This Sunday, November 1st is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Let's take some time to remember people who are persecuted, all around the world, simply for having faith in God. Let's also pray for those who are the persecutors. That one may feel a little harder to do, but every person needs to hear a message of love and hope as well as have the opportunity to respond to what God has done for them! After all, God's grace will cause us to do things we can't do on our own.

Earlier this week someone shared with me a great example of what God does when people respond to His grace. A small team of young adults spent most of their summer serving needy people in Lebanon. They organized and ran day camps that attracted about 250 Syrian refugee children! These refugee kids found out what love looks like as the team spent time with them doing activities and sharing with them the gift of a pair of shoes. What a joy it was to see a smile on each face!

So let's pray this Sunday for the "Persecuted Church" as well as workers who are responding to assist victims of the October 26th earthquake that shook Afghanistan and Pakistan. Hopefully we will all go one step further by finding someone we can serve today!

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