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Stepping Into New Ground

It is always exciting to talk to someone who is eagerly and a little anxiously stepping into something new! They have the desire to discover and cultivate gifts they aren’t even fully sure they possess. The list of “unknowns” is lengthy but the risk is worth it!

I think it is even more exciting when that something new is missions. This past fall my wife, Lora, and Ihad the joy of representing Keys Ministries during a Missions Fair coordinated by Disciplemakers (a Christian ministry on college campuses in Pennsylvania). It was very encouraging to meet with many of the 350 students who attended. Many of these young people are seeking the Lord’s direction for how to best use their education and skills in service of Him!

The encounters also made me think of many similar age young people being trained and equipped by Keys Ministries’ partners overseas. It is exciting to see people of all backgrounds and nationalities coming together to serve the one true King! Please continue to pray for this generation of students and recent graduates who are desiring to take huge steps of faith!

Take a moment to consider your passions and whether or not you might be ready to take a step into something new in 2017. If so, I'd love to hear about it!

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